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Your application for Canadian immigration is taking too long? Writs of mandamus could be beneficial.  | TCI Immigration  | Visa office of canada in panchkula, best immigration office in panchkula, leading visa consultants in panchkula, fastest canada visa providing office in panchkula, best visa advisers in panchkula   - GL114537

Recent decisions in two cases involving immigration and study permit application processing delays came from the federal courts of Canada. In both instances, the applicant requested a writ of mandamus from the court in order to compel Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to handle their application.

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 A writ of mandamus is a legal procedure that requests the courts to direct the IRCC or another administrative body to render a judgment within a predetermined time frame. A mandamus cannot be issued unless a number of circumstances are met, making it an unusual remedy. As demonstrated by these cases, it can be challenging to meet the conditions and requirements for a mandamus, which are only given where there has been substantial harm and the applicant has no other acceptable remedy available. 

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 A writ of mandamus can be an option for you if your application is experiencing significant delays, but it is typically a last resort. Before Mandamus, there are additional measures that might be helpful. 

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