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The four conventional colors featured on passports have a purpose, but there are also several unique hues. tci immigrations, your trusted and the best immigration consultant in panchkula is back again with another interesting and very important piece of information that you must be looking for. We work on helping people in the process of migration to canada from india through different methods like study visa of canada, work permit for canada, pr for canada and solve their every query. Talking about today's topic:

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The color green on a passport represents faith. 

 Given that the Prophet Muhammad is said to have preferred the color green, the majority of Muslim nations have green passports. The Quran refers to "green clothing worthy of the inhabitants of paradise" in one chapter. Green also represents eternity in the Muslim religion. 

A number of West African nations, including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Senegal, as well as the ECOWAS members, are also concerned about the color green. 


The Red Passport: A Colorful Tale 

 The most widely used passport worldwide is the red one. Bordeaux red was chosen by all of the European Union's members (apart from Croatia) in order to establish "a common passport model for the countries of the European Union". Keep in mind that starting in October 2019, the United Kingdom will once again wear navy blue. 

 Communist governments in the past, such as those in China and Russia, have also chosen this striking option. Laos and Cuba do, however, issue navy blue passports. This is not an indisputable fact. 


A blue passport represents a new world. 

 Blue is the second-most popular hue for passports worldwide, right behind red. The "new world" is symbolized by the rare Blue document. 

 The American continent's nations have a special affinity for the color blue. Argentina, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and the United States Venezuela, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Canada, Brazil, It's a lengthy list. 


The black passport is a rare item everywhere. 

Black passports are becoming the most uncommon hue. Malawi, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago have chosen it. 

Due to cultural considerations, this also applies to New Zealand, whose national color is black, as many people are aware thanks to the All Blacks rugby team. 



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