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Make sure your institution is a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) before applying to study abroad in Canada. A provincial or territorial authority has granted these schools permission to enroll foreign students. Each of them needs a special DLI number. In Canada, all elementary and secondary schools are recognized as learning institutions. The provincial government must approve the admission of foreign students at post-secondary institutions.

Verify that your school and course of study are on this list of Canadian DLIs if you want to pursue postsecondary education in Canada. And if you plan to gain work experience in Canada after you graduate, make sure to select a DLI that also allows you to qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. 


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The Value of Consulting a Profession Law Firm Before Studying in Canada 

Regrettably, immigrants who come to Canada are frequently victims of deception. You should use caution when selecting an immigration consultant in your home country because of this. Verification of their credentials is required.  


To assist applicants with their immigration files, the IRCC only permits the hiring of registered immigration advisers and immigration lawyers. The website of the Canadian government can be used to verify immigration agents, and the bar association of the province in which they are registered can verify lawyers. Although both immigration advisors and immigration lawyers are qualified to represent immigrants, their educational backgrounds and regulatory backgrounds differ. 


We all appreciate you taking the time to read it, and we hope we were able to provide you with the information you required. One of the top visa consultants in Panchkula, TCI Immigrations handles study visas, work permits, and PR services for Canada. Our top visa consultants will handle your case with excellent management. By filling out the form on the website, you can obtain a call from our experts to answer any questions you have about immigration.  

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