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A required pre-screening procedure called electronic travel authorization determines whether visitors from specific countries are permitted to enter Canada. It isn't a visa; rather, it's an electronic digital authorization that's connected to your passport and gives commercial airlines the guarantee that you'll be able to enter Canada when you arrive. 


Who needs an eTA for Canada? 

All foreign nationals who are not required to have a visa—aside from Americans—must apply for and acquire an eTA before flying commercially to Canada. The majority of nations that do not require visas have living standards that are relatively comparable to those of Canada, like the United States, Great Britain, Japan, etc. The airline will scan your passport as you check in for a flight to Canada to make sure your passport is linked to an approved eTA. You won't be allowed to board the aircraft if you don't have an authorized eTA. 


What is the price of a Canada eTA? 

The Canadian electronic travel permission is $7 CAD. Beware of websites that pose as genuine Canadian government sites and demand much more than the standard $7 price. These websites come in all shapes and sizes. You should be concerned not only about the additional cost but also about the fact that you are providing a website that is not affiliated with the Canadian government with extremely personal information. 


Where Can I Find My Canadian eTA? 

An eTA must be applied for online; the official Canadian eTA application site can be accessed here. You will require a current passport, a credit card, and an active email address when submitting your application. There are numerous languages in which the eTA application instructions are accessible. 

 Double-checking the passport number you enter during the application procedure is crucial. Your eTA won't be connected to your actual passport if you provide the wrong passport number, which will prevent you from boarding your aircraft at the airport. 


How long does it take to get a Canada eTA? 

eTAs are typically accepted swiftly, often in a matter of minutes, and the applicant is notified by email. Check your junk mail bin first if you don't immediately receive your eTA because the approval email might have ended up there. If you can't find the approval email there, there was probably a problem with your application that caused a delay in receiving your eTA. A number of factors, including as inaccurate information submitted in the application or the presence of a criminal background, could cause an eTA to be delayed. A Canadian immigration officer will get in touch with you in certain cases within 72 hours to confirm the relevant details before deciding whether or not to issue an eTA. 


How long is eTA Canada in operation? 

Your eTA will be valid once it has been granted for a maximum of five years, or until the expiration of your present passport, whichever comes first. Your eTA's expiration date will be stated in the eTA acceptance email, letting you know when to submit a fresh application. 


How long can I travel with an eTA in Canada? 

It's vital to keep in mind that an eTA only permits you to go to Canada by plane; it gives you no assurances that you will be admitted or that you will be given special authorization to stay there. You are legally permitted to stay in Canada if you came as a guest using an eTA for up to six months or until the date that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) imposed upon admission. The date will be written beneath the entry stamp in your passport if CBSA has granted you a stay that is longer than the customary six months, or they will have given you a visitor record with an expiration date. 


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