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There are several programs that provide PR services for those who are refugees and humanitarian program is one of them. Tci immigrations in panchkula is here to clear all your doubts. As tci immigration, known to be the best immigration consultant in panchkula provides services regarding visa consultancy for canada, work permit for canada, pr services and citizenship for canada, we are aware of every program that is functioning currently in canada.

What is Humanitarian and Compassionate Application?  

Those who apply but are not granted pr in Canada may be allowed to do so based on humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) considerations. The Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) pathway is used when there are exceptional circumstances, not as a substitute for applying for residency. Several factors determine whether a candidate is qualified to apply on the humanitarian and compassionate grounds. citizenship and immigration canada has the authority to grant a requester pr based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations under section 25 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. There are other causes for which you may be eligible, such as having worked in canada for a few years or having children who attend canadian schools. To carry out the humanitarian and compassionate application you must know whether you are eligible or not. 

Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application procedures: 

 The applicant must complete an application made up of many forms to apply on the humanitarian and compassionate grounds. The applicant must complete two forms if they are in Canada: 

  1. 1. The standard application (IMM 0008) for immigration to Canada. 

  1. 2. A request for an exemption based on humanitarian and compassionate reasons (IMM 5283).


Are you qualified to apply for H&C? 

There are several requirements for the Humanitarian & Compassionate application, including: 


  1. 1. How well-established the candidate is in canada. This considers the applicant's length of stay in canada, his or her ties to the neighborhood, his or her family, and their level of education. 

  1. 2. Obstacles the applicant might encounter while returning to their nation of origin. These challenges might be brought on by domestic political unrest, the worry of persecution, unemployment, or problems with religion or society. 

  1. 3. The applicant's children's interests. Immigration officials are required by the IRPA to evaluate how removal from Canada could affect the children's lives when evaluating applications. 

  1. 4. Health-related factors, including whether the applicant's home country can offer the necessary medical care and treatment. 

  1. 5. The applicant must deal with family division. 

  1. 6. Situations that an applicant might find themselves in if their application is denied. 

  1. 7. Other unique situations. 

Government Fee 

  • 1.Processing fee ($550.00 CAD) 

  • 2.Right of Permanent Resident fee ($500.00 CAD) 

  • 3.Spouse or principal applicant ($1050.00 CAD) 

  • 4.Dependent Child: ($150.00 CAD per child) 

  • 5.Biometric fee ($85.00 CAD per person) 


In conclusion, we hope that we were able to clear all your doubts regarding the humanitarian program. For all your future doubts and plans to move to canada for migration, work or studies, tci immigrations is here to help you anytime. We work on study visa, visitor visa, work permit in canada, consultancy for pr of canada, we have the best visa advisors in panchkula to handle your case. 

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