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Dual purpose is the intention to enter Canada with the goal of obtaining both temporary and long-term residency. Although having a dual purpose is acceptable, it may complicate the temporary resident visa application process. tci immigration in panchkula whereas provides you protection from such denials as we deal in all kinds of visas for instance, work permit for canada, study visa for canada and pr for canada.

 The most frequent justification for denying a temporary residence visa is the inability to show true dual intent. This problem frequently affects applicants for international spousal sponsorship and may even occur for those who have already completed an Express Entry profile.

What does Canadian immigration dual intent mean? 

A foreign national who has dual intent effectively has two intentions: one for temporary residence status and one for permanent resident status. Foreign citizens who apply for a temporary resident visa in Canada and have also applied for permanent residency in Canada or have indicated their intention to do so have dual intent. 

This might also apply to applicants who have filed a Canadian Express Entry profile, as doing so indicates a candidate's desire to establish permanent residency in Canada. 


How would having dual intent impact my application for temporary residency in Canada? 

Foreign nationals must prove their intention to depart Canada at the end of their permitted stay in order to apply for a temporary residence visa (to visit, study, or work). This is frequently more difficult to demonstrate for applicants who have already said that they intend to live permanently in Canada. 

 In other words, having dual intent frequently violates the prerequisites for temporary immigration to Canada. 


Even though I've applied for permanent residency, am I still able to enter Canada temporarily? 

People who can demonstrate a genuine dual intent may be granted both temporary residence and permanent residence, despite what may seem contradictory. In order to determine whether to grant a temporary visa, visa officers must determine whether the applicant truly intends to leave the country when their visa expires. The visa officer may award a temporary visa even though the applicant has a current application for permanent residency provided they are certain that the applicant will abide by the conditions of the temporary visa. The officer may reject the request for a temporary visa if the applicant is unable to persuade him or her that their dual motive is sincere. 

 The visa officer may be suspicious in these situations that the applicant is merely looking for a short-term visa so they can stay in Canada while their application for permanent residence is being reviewed. Therefore, when their temporary visa expires, they do not intend to leave the country. The denial of a temporary visa does not guarantee denial of the applicant's request for a visa for indefinite residency. 


Students from abroad 

A temporary visa holder must persuade the visa officer that they intend to abide by its terms if they want to study in Canada. Specifically, that they want to depart the nation when their student visa runs out. 

 However, the Canadian federal government is interested in keeping foreign students after their studies are over. To make it simpler for international students to stay in Canada once their program of study is finished, programs like the Post-Graduation Work Permit and Provincial Nominee Programs for international students are pushed. The requirements that international students must fulfill in order to be granted a student visa would appear to be squarely at odds with this. 

Dual intent often applies in situations like this. The foreign national must unequivocally show when requesting a study permit that he or she intends to adhere to the rule that holders of study permits must depart Canada by the end of the time period permitted for their stay. As long as they satisfy this requirement, the foreign national may be granted a temporary visa even if they intend to seek for permanent residency before or during their time of study in Canada. 


Sponsorship by a spouse 

When evaluating requests for temporary residence, visa authorities frequently consider the strength of the applicant's ties to Canada to determine whether they would be likely to depart the country before their permit expires. Due to this, there is a relatively high refusal rate for temporary residence visas (TRV) for applicants who have an active application for foreign spousal sponsorship. 

 While spouse sponsorship applicants may be eligible for a TRV, their close links to Canada may make it considerably more challenging. 


 How to show sincere dual intent 

If a request for permanent residence is denied, visa officials must discern between applicants who truly have a dual intent and those who do not intend to leave Canada. The applicant must persuade the visa officer of their dual intent. 

 An officer considers a number of elements when deciding whether a candidate for a temporary visa has genuine dual intent, including: 

1. How long will they be staying in Canada? 

Whether they have links or duties (such as family, work, or property) to their nation of origin 

2.Their justification for visiting Canada briefly 

Regardless of whether they've ever overstayed a visa—in Canada or another country— 

It is crucial to take into account the aforementioned considerations when composing a temporary residency application in order to demonstrate one's sincere dual desire. 

 You do not have to leave Canada at the end of your temporary status if your application for permanent residence is accepted while you are there. As long as you continue to fulfill your obligations as a permanent resident (PR), you are permitted to remain in Canada. 



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