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1. Be nominated for the PNP 

The Provincial Nomination Program, or PNP, is a program designed for specific Canadian regions to satisfy the needs of regionally specific labor markets. 

The nominee is awarded an extra 600 CRS points for accepting an invitation, which is the most CRS points from any one category that a candidate can get in a single distribution. With more than 80 streams open to Express Entry applicants, being nominated virtually ensures an invitation for permanent residence. 


2. Get an employment offer 

Although it is not a requirement for Express Entry immigration, having a job offer can increase your points. If a candidate receives a job offer, their CRS score may increase by 50–200 points. 


3. Work History 

A candidate's CRS score can be raised in a few different ways by having work experience. An applicant's CRS score can rise by gaining more job experience. Additionally, improving your ability to articulate this work experience can be a great approach to score points. Depending on the type of job you are offered, the points vary. 


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4. Educational Background 

The CRS point allocation might range from 200 to 250 points, depending on whether an applicant earned their education abroad or within Canada. Getting a second degree or improving on one you already have can be quite valuable. 


5. Increasing Language Proficiency 

One of the two official languages must be spoken and written fluently for a candidate to receive between 128 and 136 points in this category. Speaking, writing, reading, and listening are the four ways that language-related CRS points are classified. An applicant will receive points based on how knowledgeable they are in each category because each category contributes to the final score. 


6. Deciding Who the Principal Applicant Should Be 

Occasionally, changing the primary applicant can help you score higher. Determine who has a higher CRS score and select the primary applicant appropriately. 

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